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Outdoor Living Today Sheds and Playhouses

Outdoor Living Today's product line of Sheds, Gazebos, Pergolas, Playhouses and Greenhouses are beautifully crafted with sustainable Western Red Cedar. Western Red Cedar is a truly sustainable building material. It has the lowest environmental impact when compared with other materials such as brick, fiber, cement, vinyl, steel or aluminum. Independently certified, it is harvested legally and in a  sustainable manner from managed forests in British Columbia. Choosing a product from Outdoor Living Today is not only a wonderful design choice for your garden but also makes you part in the effort in environmentally sustainable actions.

Western Red Cedar offers unique, natural performance characteristics and exceptional beauty that brings warmth, character and longevity to the interior and exterior of residential and commercial projects. Whether you choose knotty or clear grades, Western Red Cedar offers virtually unlimited versatility and design flexibility in terms of size and profile.

Unsurpassed Natural Beauty

Aesthetically, it is a naturally stunning building material with deep, tonal properties that accentuate the richly textured wood grains and exposed heartwood. It is both pitch and resin-free, which means that it can hold a variety of finishes from semi-transparent stains to elegant dark stains. It is also incredibly durable, and will prove to keep your structure attractive for years to come.

A History of Proven Performance

For centuries, the Western Red Cedar has been celebrated by the Pacific Northwest Coast First Nations as the “Tree of Life” using it to build longhouses, canoes and totem poles. Thousands of years later and the red cedar continues to be a preferred building material.

Cedar Is Naturally Durable

Red cedar’s reputation for being a naturally durable wood makes it perfect for all outdoor projects. The wood is lightweight and valued for its high natural resistance and decay properties. It is less susceptible to moisture, insect damage and fungi growth. Cedar is also water damage resistant and can successfully weather long periods of heavy rain and other weather extremes such as snow, hail and strong winds.

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