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DuraMax Vinyl Sheds


DuraMax Vinyl Sheds are top of the line. All of DuraMax Vinyl Sheds are built tough. The reinforced wall columns make the Vinyl Sheds durable and low maintenance products that are extremely affordable. They are fire retardant and do not fade, discolor, warp or rot.

DuraMax manufactures its outdoor products by combining rigid vinyl, the most durable outdoor material available today, and steel reinforcement for super strength. The combination of these high-quality materials delivers low-maintenance products that are backed by a warranty which is as strong as the products themselves.

Snow and Wind load tested, many of DuraMax Vinyl Sheds achieve a snow load rating of 20 lbs per square foot and some are rated up to 40 lbs per square foot. Looking for that shed that can withstand those strong winds? Hurricane winds? Many of DuraMax Vinyl Sheds are tested with wind speeds exceeding 100 mph. Strongest on the market.

The DuraMax Vinyl Shed product line is accompanied by a Warranty that exceeds the competition. Ranging from 15 years to 25 years. Relax and don't worry about your investment. We have you covered.


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